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From Berlin to Buffington - A Self Guided Tour

We are working on another driving brochure, one that covers the sixty miles from Berlin Crossroads and the action that took place there on July 17th, 1863, to the battlefield at Buffington Island and the battle of July 19th. We are using the information and (mostly) the route of the Lora Schmidt Cahill/David L. Mowery tour guide (Morgan's Raid Across Ohio: The Civil War Guidebook of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail), which provides information beyond the current John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail stops. This tour brochure then will provide you with a more immersive experience to the stories along the route from July 17th through July 19th.

We hope to partner with the folks from the Berlin X-Roads Battlefield Preservation Association as well as the various county historical societies and visitor bureaus to produce this brochure, making copies available at the Morgan Heritage Trail Stop 18, which is located in Berlin Crossroads next to the Christian Church (number one on the map above), as well as at those aforementioned county entities.

The driving tour would take two to three hours to complete, depending on how long one plans to spend at each stop. In two places it will take you along the historic and still rustic routes used by Morgan and his men as opposed to the current Heritage Trail route. By adding this tour to the new driving tour we have set up at Buffington, one can obtain a deeper dive into the days leading up to the battle as well as the battle itself. We do not have a date for when this new brochure will be available, but hoping for some time this year.

Mockup of the work in progress Berlin to Buffington tour brochure.

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